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The art of modern millinery

Piers Atkinson's cherries

Piers Atkinson’s cherries

In recent years, the art of millinery has been redefined with wit and emotion; modern designs are the bold expression of a new generation. Elegance remains, but has become coloured with soul and vitality.

The rich variety of styles available to the modern hat-lover is evidence of this; Film Noir inspired feathers, futuristic materials such as lacquered wood, tall spirals of delicate honeycomb mesh in delicious shades, and surreally re-imagined vintage creations. Beauty today lies in distinction.

In decades previous, fashions demanded that hats were worn to compliment the outfit; now the outfit is worn to compliment a new centerpiece. This centerpiece is what causes people to stand a little taller, with an intuitive confidence.

The UK designer, Harvy Santos, explains the appeal of these hats –

“Can you imagine a martini without the olive or an ice cream sundae without that cherry?”

No matter what imaginative style best brings out your own original spirit, the modern hat is a great way to stand out like a diamond amongst stones.